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-bittersweet poet-
writing for love, friends, money.
:icon8happiness:8Happiness 9 8
I am sure it's not the first time,
I am acquainted with it,
I know I am,
an Excitement!
But today it's unlike others,
it's not analogous,
somewhat different,
somewhat dainty,
yet diaphanous.
Agnizing her was my only desire,
she wasn't a stranger,
neither so familiar,
but she is there, with me,
spilling the beans,
so fearless,
so shining,
like the noctilucent eyes of a cat,
but calm!
And now the thoughts of her dazzling,
dazzling into my heart,
with the emmense charming visions
of her despite,
whether she is present or not,
the feeling is that of Euphoria.
there is no rhyme or reasons,
but the feeling is present,
and it
touches me, moves me,
makes my heart melt like a Popsicle,
excitement to the max.
:icon8happiness:8Happiness 1 0
sick girl, anemic red, metamorphosis, a man.
:icon8happiness:8Happiness 2 0

           won                    now
   now                                     now
now                     -------               now
:icon8happiness:8Happiness 3 3
950 relatives,
each dying to exist.
:icon8happiness:8Happiness 18 7
-both fell in love-
He tried fucking, she tried faking.
:icon8happiness:8Happiness 11 8
-i apologize-
Oh, sweet bunny!
here you are
on my operating desk,
volunteer again
for help me to learn surgery,
that I can serve humans in future.
Today I will cut your coronary artery
and make a little hole inside
just to learn,
how to prevent shock emergency,
don't worry, it will not hurt
I promise.
But I'm scared to let you know
that I have to kill you
once I'm done with operation,
I am sorry.
I may sound arrogant,
but you will be honored 'martyr'
you devote your life,
for me to be a good doctor.
you will die so painless,
like sweet sleep in your burrow
Are you happy?
You should be thankful to me.
Or should I feel sorry,
to stop you being a 'Delicious Food'
for those fucking asshole,
just to satisfy their 'gratification.'
they would wrench all your neck vessels first,
so that you can not scream -
scream for a help,
when they boil you like you never existed
and serve you like your other siblings.
you seems scared?
have breath.
I will not let you die for one's appetite.
I never wanted this way
:icon8happiness:8Happiness 3 0
A dying cactus,
burn down for watery-life.
Pour me, dear.
:icon8happiness:8Happiness 9 8
-its simple, honey-
does love hurt?
'sadists, we are.'
:icon8happiness:8Happiness 13 10
-moral nihilist-
I had to born physically
between the devil and blue sea or
feel grief on my decay.
:icon8happiness:8Happiness 8 15
-we own nothing-
The sun rises; we become slaves.
:icon8happiness:8Happiness 36 16
-strawberry whore-
Bioassay says that;
you effortlessly induce much
discolored, monotonous and irksome words,
poor poesy.
I but never did loathe, reek at your
It just I dislike, disagree when
vivid and
juicy piece of metaphors, become nonentity
Even god`s fair,
aboveboard with obviously you,
of what-so-ever you desired to click.
remarkable camera,
all you need and you easily be
So should I go and lick that
55mm lens?
Your métier is Way wieldy than indite
And remember? how
slut tools feed your
stupor children and metamorphosed them
enamor photograph.
I always loved your slut editing tools,
How long you comforted, enjoyed fornication,
downstairs together,
while I did labour my first baby
I could have
obliterate those slut tools.
polygenic development of your species
using them.
Photography certainly doesn't make you
but my Strawberry friend it surely
:icon8happiness:8Happiness 23 35
-with respect-
socially frightened, ripped and wounded,
she`s a puppet.  
blasphemy but truth, echo but assimilated,
she`s a ninja.
love, dark night, insomnia and Eszopiclone,
she`s a survivor.
tampons, red blooded ink and metaphors,
she`s a poet.
arteries-ventricles, wine and pink ribbon,
she`s a girl.
in cotton-white robe, dead yet so alive,
she`s an anima.
cold eyes with fortune lips, Monalyn,
she`s an angel.
estrogens-progesterones, follicles and life,
`Mary Magdalene.`
:icon8happiness:8Happiness 22 27

A tiny bit of what I manage to put into own words, hope you like it but then you have to check it out first. (:



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.I write things | Fan of Junia.

-I Like the most when I see a literature piece in DD bar.

-By watching - I like your thoughts and artist behind it.
-By faving - I like your creation.

-In either matter You`re the one I should thank, so please stop saying thank you to me, by clicking on that `Add to favourites` button you owe me nothing, seriously.

-I `m not rude, neither retard who don`t love being thanked, but you do understand, right? thanks.

Photography account ':icon8happinesphotography:' Dead though. :/

-Any positive conversation? Go ahead. (:


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